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Dear Germain Family

3 and a half years ago I first smelled Sexual Sugar at the store. Oh my Goodness! That was my truly love from the first sight. I absolutely loved this soft and sweet scent. It became my the only one favorite fragrance. I wear Sexual every day and get continuously asked what am I wearing. It lasts all day and it makes me feel unique. And I am literally addicted to Sexual and proud to always have it in my purse. Thank you soooo much for creating Sexual!

Sincerely, Tatiana
Pasadena, CA via Moscow, Russia

Dear Michel

I must say thanks for such an incredible fragrance. Sexual has become my #1 scent. I am a lover of fine high end perfumes and this has become my signature scent. The compliments I get when I wear it are endless and the way it makes me feel is indescribable. It's unforgettable in every way to me and those who experience it through me. Thanks for making me smell and feel so sexy, it goes hand in hand with my femininity and I will continue to wear it always!

Yours Truly, Baraah


I was in Hawaii in January & bought the Sugar gift pack. Its now My Sexual smell.Every time I wear this I'm stopped & asked what is your devine smell. I reply my sexual sugar .One guy even said back to me you've got that spot on. I giggle cause that comment made me feel gorgeous inside. Thank you Michel Germain for helping my inner goddess break free now an again cause at 46 years of age it's a forgotten feeling being Mother, Wife and worker.


Hello Michel

I received a sample of Sexual years ago and liked the fragrance very much. My husband did as well and began giving me this perfume as a gift for every special occasion. Every time I wear it.... I think of him. I will be using this product for a very long time.

McMasterville, Quebec

Michel Germain Sexual hits Jersey Shore

Sexual Fresh is the best fragrance I have come across in 7 years. I am a die hard fan of fragrances, but now I love wearing Michel Germain's Sexual Fresh -- its original and doesn't smell like every other fragrance. My bottle is all the rage at our summer house in Belmar. My buddies all want to wear it and the girls go crazy over it too.

Chris R. & the Boys from Belmar
Jersey Shore
Photo from left to right:
Rob, Chris G., Dennis, Chris R.

Mr. Germain

I am writing to tell you how I discovered your perfume by accident. I am a lover of Fine Fragrances. I had set out to purchase a "New Flavor" and stumbled upon your Sexual Sugar. I have to admit... shopping other fine stores... I have NEVER seen your fragrance line... until I found it at Macy’s… I purchased the bottle... and just LOVED IT! And actually so did my 15 year old daughter.... I must also now carry it with me at all times. So to get to the point... I have had this for a total of 3 days and I have had approx. 15 people stop me and ask me what it was I was wearing?? I want you to know I am truly a lover of your product and will proudly tell everyone what I have on. Thanks for the time to read my email!!

Sincerely, Traci A. Gunderson-Mitchell
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic new fragrance Sexual Secret Man. I've tried quite a number of scents from various perfume houses but to no avail. Nothing extraordinary ... that is up until this past Saturday. I was at the Bay in Montreal and tried some (sexual) on my wrist and walked away ... after 15 minutes, something incredible happened. I smelled this arresting scent that made me stop in my tracks and smell my wrist & was flabbergasted at how incredible this scent smelled. I asked my wife what she thought of it and all she said was, "I love it" and bought me a bottle. I've been wearing it every day since then & received many compliments. This has become my signature scent.... Thank you Michel for creating the Holy Grail of scents.

Frank & Angie
Montreal, Quebec

To Michel Germain

Recently I lost my business, my home, my car and almost all of my money. At Christmas, I had only enough to buy my wife a bottle of perfume. I chose sexual. It turned out to be the best Christmas ever. We rediscovered what really mattered.

Thanks, Elie
Ottawa, Canada

Dear Michel

I know this will sounds incredible. My husband and I have been trying for some time to have a baby. One day, I brought home a bottle of sexual. The next thing you know...I'm pregnant. One can only imagine, but I feel I owe you a special thank you.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special