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Our Inclusivity Promise

Unique is Extraordinary. And beautiful.

We believe we are all beautiful and valuable just as we are. We may have what some would call “imperfections”, but who does not? We may strive to be better or we may be happy just the way we are. Whatever our mix, we are all valuable.

We believe that our differences make us great. 

Our people embody diversity of community: the communities we live and work in and the people we serve. Diversity and inclusion make us interesting. Without them our world would be boring. They make us creative and strong both as individuals and collectively. No one should be left behind because everyone can contribute to the world in their own way.

We continue to strive to have an inclusive and fair culture where every voice is heard. And strive to create a better future as we continually open ourselves to learning more and becoming better.

We naturally have, and will always, include people of many cultures, religions, abilities, talents, and ethnicities. We believe no one is better or worse … just different. We love diverse viewpoints and diversity in general. Without different views, abilities, and difference in general, we stagnate and can become narrow minded or lacking knowledge.

To those we have the privilege to work with: Thank you for all you do with us. We are a great team.

To those we have the privilege to serve: We are happy to add a little luxury and support to your every day and we look forward to a future together.

Michel Germain and The Michel Germain Team

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Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special