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The Secret to Scenting Your Home Beautifully

Fragrance is an accessory that adds beauty and gorgeousness not only to your skin, but to your home as well.  So, how do your fragrance your home?  How do you make your home a gorgeous retreat using scent?   

Here are some perfect ways to scent your home using your favorite Michel Germain perfume or cologne. 

Fragrance Your Living Room. 
In your living room, spritz each lightbulb twice.  Every time you switch on a lamp, you will have a soft version of your scent wafting through the air.  Reapply as needed.  Two scents we love in the living room:  Sexual Noir perfume for an elegant feel; Sexual Paris for Parisian style. 

Scent Your Linens. 
Hold your favorite Michel Germain fragrance 3 feet above your bath towels and bed sheets.  Spritz 3-4 times.  You will love how your bathroom and bedroom smell and how gorgeous you feel the next time you wrap yourself in your bath towel or sheets.  One of our favorites: Sexual Secret or Sexual Secret for men for the sensuous feel. (Check the fabric in an inconspicuous spot first.  Some delicate fabrics such as silk are not recommended to spritz with any scent.)  

Scent Your Walk-In Closet.  It’s Fabulous! 
Your favorite Michel Germain fragrance can add a little bit of fabulous to greet you in the morning, whatever your day has planned! 

Spritz cotton balls with 5 sprays of your perfume or cologne.  Place them on your closet shelves or in your drawers to emanate scent all day and all night long. 

Line your drawers with pretty paper (you can use wrapping paper if you cannot find any shelf paper).  Spritz 5 sprays for each sheet of paper.  

Some of the best scents to fragrance your walk-in closet:  Sexual Sugar perfume or Sexual Noir for a man’s wardrobe. 

Decorate Your Guest Powder Room with Scent. 
Your guests will love this special little fragrance touch just for them!  Buy some pretty glass stones and/or scent diffuser sticks. Place them in a pretty glass jar or bottle.  Spray the stones and scent diffuser sticks liberally with your favorite Michel Germain scent.  Re-apply and stir to refresh as needed.  We suggest using any Michel Germain perfume or cologne.  Can’t choose which one?  Sexual Paris perfume or Sexual Paris for men are indulgent fragrances that speak style and luxury to your most cherished guests. 

Enjoy scenting your home and indulging in one of life’s little luxuries. 

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special