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Scent and Memory: Creating a Lasting Sensual Memory

Science tells us that we remember scents for much longer than sights, sounds, and tastes. One reason is that scents are strongly linked to memories in our minds.  Using a high concentration of natural oils, Michel Germain offers beautiful perfumes and colognes that create allure, love, and romance.  We want our customers to choose their Michel Germain fragrance that will evoke only the best of emotions.

Let’s use an example.  People often remember scents from childhood will into their adult years. Remember how a new box of crayons smells? That's your memory/scent connection kicking in years after you last opened that box.  Now, think about the feelings you associate with that scent or fragrance.  Is it happy, joyful, comforting?  That’s your scent memory coming to the front of your mind. 

Knowing this characteristic of scent can help guide you to choosing the perfect fragrance for you.  We’re here to take it steps even further – and help you finally find that one special scent that feels custom-made for you and only you: bringing about the best memories you have, making you feel gorgeous, smell breathtakingly beautiful, and beckons magically to you to spritz it every day.

For women searching for their signature sensual perfume, look for notes or oils containing flowers with that beautiful, alluring, mysterious, or exotic scents.  Think back to the flowers you may have seen on your first vacation somewhere exotic when you were young and curious, or perhaps even in your very backyard. Wearing one or more of these flowers’ scents, you will be a rare, one-of-a-kind beauty, even in a room filled with women wearing fragrances. Think of flowers that are rare, unequalled in their beauty, and uncommon in everyday fragrances. Sensual Passionflower; Orange Water Flower; Pink Orchid; Purple Plumeria, and Blue Violet Orris are mysterious, passionate, rare flowers that many have never smelled before, not even in a perfume. If you wear these parfum femme oils, you will take on their attributes, smelling rare and breathtakingly beautiful.

For men looking for their signature cologne, like Noir Cologne, look for floral, fruit, and spice notes that you associate with your best memories. Look for gorgeous smelling flowers, delectable fruits, or gourmet spices in your cologne … that’s right, flowers, fruits, and spices. Both women and men are attracted to certain scents such as intoxicating lavender or geranium; juicy, crisp citrus notes or fresh melon; aromatic sage or basil. These notes that both men and women love in life are loved in fragrance (and will be on you too).

Another tip while looking for your signature fragrance that evokes the best memories – look for a perfume that has a high percentage of natural oils. Not every fragrance has them. Natural oils don’t just sit on top of your skin, they blend with your unique skin (your warmth and body heat, your natural oils, your beautiful hormones), creating a new, heavenly signature scent, like Noir Perfume that only you will own. No one but you will be wearing your perfume. No one.

We’re the award-winning, top selling prestige fragrances that, for 25 years, have been helping women and men find their gorgeous, go-to signature scent that they love; is easy to wear; and gets them noticed and remembered, like the Paris Perfume. And now, we’re excited to help you. Follow these easy steps that are guaranteed to find the scent that will smell as if it were custom made for you, making you feel gorgeous, smell breathtakingly beautiful, and brings others closer.

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special