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Premium Beauty News - Manufacturing the Michel Collection Caps

The Michel Collection CapLearn the meaning behind the Michel Collection, and how the cap design was imperative to the fragrance.

Designed for you in the tradition of French Royalty, each perfume captures the royal spirit and romantic moments of a French Chateau garden.  The Michel Collection captures these scents, designed to be worn individually or together in layers of delight. As in a scented Royal garden, all of the Michel collection can be layered in your own magical way to say something breathtakingly beautiful about you.

Each Michel fragrance is adorned with a ground-breaking Fleur-de-lis cap, a symbolization of French royalty and all that lies within each unique fragrance. "According to TNT Global Manufacturing, the challenge of this cap, with its delicate fleurs-de-lis forming a round, hollow shape out of zamak, was in fact how to unmould it. The TNT team succeeded in finding a way, without compromising Michel Germain’s design."

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The Michel Collection Fragrances

The Michel Collection French Pear & Queen's Lilac

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special