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Magical Christmas Date Ideas for the Perfect Romantic Holiday in 2022

Christmas is a time closely associated with romance and it’s a perfect time to ignite or re-ignite the bonds between ourselves and our partner.  We have put together some extra-special date recommendations and how to incorporate wearing sensual fragrances that will bring you and your loved-one closer and have a great time while doing them. Have a merry time!

Our first date idea is to find the best neighborhoods or buildings (think museums or large public parks) that have a reputation for their light displays.  Walk around the area with a warming flask of hot chocolate.  Wear Sexual Noir perfume or Sexual Noir Cologne, perfect for creating a romantic ambiance as you walk through the scenery. Do a scavenger hunt looking for a snow globe, fairy lights, or snowmen. Or simply walk hand in hand and enjoy the scenery.

Make cinnamon rolls together.  Making dough is an act of love and caring … kneading the warm dough, letting it rise, and rolling into fragrant rolls takes time.  It’s perfect, giving you time to focus as a couple to enjoy down time without any pressures. Enjoy a cup of coffee spiked with Irish Cream or a café latte while waiting for the delectable rolls to bake. P.S. Wear a juicy & delectable fragrance while you're baking to make the date extra magical.  We recommend Sexual Sugar Eau de Parfum, or Parfum Femme for women and Sexual Pour Homme Eau de Toilette for men.

Childhood inspired dates are so fun!  They bring the gift of laughter and carefree memories.  Do a couple of these dates with your partner and start making more memories that will last as long:

Have a snowball fight
Build a snow fort
Go sledding
Camp out in the living room next to the Christmas tree.

Michel Germain is the award-winning and highly-acclaimed perfumer known for creating luxury and sensual fragrances that invoke seduction using gorgeous scents, natural oils, like Paris perfume. His fragrances encourage intimacy, captivate, and inspire love. This aspect of Michel Germain French perfumes/colognes have catapulted his fragrances to the top of the world of sensual aroma and into a level of sensual fragrance of its very own.  We hope you enjoy our Christmas Date recommendations! Have fun with your partner! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special