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How to Apply the Right Amount of Perfume

Perfume is one of the greatest indulgences you can give yourself and others around you.

But how much is too little perfume, how much is too much fragrance?

We went to Michel Germain to ask him how to apply the right amount of perfume, everyday.

Here are his tips:

  • Stick to 3 – 4 spritzes at a time. Any less, no one will smell your beautiful scent. Any more, and you may be on overload unless it’s an outdoor party or event.
  • Once sprayed and after the first couple of hours, you, yourself should be able to smell the scent only occasionally. Your nose will get used to the scent and that is to be expected.  Know that your fragrance is still emanating a soft scent that others around you are noticing and enjoying.
  • Carry a purse or travel spray for touch ups.After 4 hours most natural flower oils tend to fade. Re-spritz your fragrance with 2 sprays to refresh your fragrance.  Again, stick to a couple of spritzes.  You still want a soft, even scent.  Plus, remember, the fragrance you put on in the morning is still there, just a little less noticeable.  

How do you know you have the perfect amount of fragrance on?  You should be able to smell your perfume in soft, even, occasional whiffs.

    Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

    Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special