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How Hair and Eye Colour Affect Your Fragrance

One of the cool things about high end fragrances is that your physical make up changes the way your fragrance smells on you compared to how the same scent will smell on someone else. This is especially true if your fragrance contains a lot of natural oils, like Michel Germain's perfumes and colognes, as natural oils blend with your own skin's oils to create a one-of-a-kind scent.


Some Physical Traits and Their Influences on Fragrances:

If you are blonde with fair skin, you may tend to have dry skin. Rich florals and floriental perfumes and colognes, will last longer on your skin. But have no fear, if you love citrus or fresh based perfumes or colognes, layer with matching lotion ad your citrus-based fragrance will last and last.

If you are a tried and true brunette with medium or dark toned skin, you are likely to have higher levels of natural oils in your skin, allowing accents to last longer and radiate more. Oriental perfumes or colognes will last longest on you compared with your fair-haired companions, but so will citrus or fresh based perfumes or colognes. Lucky you!

If you have a touch of red hair, you probably have fair and delicate skin, just like blondes, you too, will tend to have skin that's on the drier side, so choosing a fuller fragrance, such as an oriental perfume or cologne or moisturizing before any fragrance application will make your scent last longer.

If you have blue or green eyes, follow the advice for blondes or redheads, as your skin is probably on the fair side.

If you have brown eyes, follow the tips for brunettes, as your skin probably has more oils in it.

Most of all, enjoy your fragrance, it's one of life's most attainable and magnificent indulgences!

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