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How Cologne Can Help You Feel More Successful and Be More Attractive to Women

Studies* show, if you wear cologne you are a step ahead of everyone else in the world of success.  Wearing cologne can attract women, as we all know, but it can also attract success.   

How does wearing cologne increase the chances of success for men?  We have the answers. 

Here’s how cologne can make you more attractive and successful: 

Wearing cologne boosts self-confidence.   

Men who wear cologne are more confident, which leads them to go after what they want in the game of life: the partner they want, the promotion, and the activities that make them happy.   

For an all-encompassing feeling of being on top of the world, Sexual Steel Pour Homme is the cologne that turns a man into a masterpiece.  If Superman wore a fragrance, this would be the one.  Notes of crushed Black Pepper, Bergamot, Metal Accord, and Musk get you ready for anything that comes your way.  In a super great way. 

Cologne makes a person appear polished, put together, and confident.   

This effect of wearing cologne persuades others to be drawn to the person wearing the fragrance, increasing the chance of networking; friendships and alliances that could lead to promotions, job opportunities, and romantic relationships. 

Sexual Paris Pour Homme’s ingredients of masculine Cedar Wood, smooth Sage, and Champagne Mandarin exude French sophistication and masculinity.  Perfect notes for style, confidence, and attraction. 

Cologne is shown to reduce stress. 

Wearing cologne can reduce stress by up to 63%, depending on the scents’ ingredients (oak moss and lavender are some of the most calming of scents).   

Sexual Noir for menis one of the best colognes to help you feel more successful, calm stress, and attract women because of its intoxicating lavender and velvety moss ingredients.  

So, indulge in your favorite Michel Germain scent.  It may help you in ways you never knew possible! 

* Studies cited are by the Olfactory Research Fund in New York and The Neurobiology of Sensation and Reward.    

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special