Sexual Collections

Sexual Paris

French Sophistication. Romance. Love. michel-germain-sexual-paris-collection

Sexual Paris
Live la vie en rose. Every spritz is a world where French sophistication dances with romance and love. French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champagne clementine mixes with passionflower and romantic jasmine. Sophisticated sandalwood and gorgeous amber makes Sexual Paris always a good idea.

Sexual Paris Pour Homme
Live the world of undeniably seductive French masculinity. Smoky cardemom mixed with sparkling champagne mandarin blends with French cedarwood and European patchouli. Sophisticated sandalwood and masculine amber make Sexual Paris always a good idea.

Very Sexual

Sparkling, Inviting, Irresistible michel-germain-very-sexual-collection

Very Sexual
Inviting, sparkling mandarin, orange blossom, and sweet raspberry entice with heady gardenia and passionate patchouli. Sophisticated black pepper is softened with creamy, delectable vanilla.

Very Sexual Pour Homme
Sparkling grapefruit, intoxicating cardamom, and woody juniper berry blend with passionately charming lavender and violet leaf. Seductive, warming amber and sophisticated black pepper mix with an irresistibly masculine suede accord.

Sexual Noir

Mysterious, Sophisticated, Intriguing michel-germain-sexual-noir-collection

Sexual Noir
Playfully succulent mandarin and sweet strawberries flow into a sophisticated palette of mysterious patchouli, pink orchid, and deceptively innocent pink sweet pea flower. Ever-present feminine aphrodisiacs enfold classic vetivert and inviting, warm notes of vanilla and amber.

Sexual Noir Pour Homme
Séxual Noir tempts and captivates with a European, daring, masculine charisma. Italian bergamot and crisp, mouthwatering grapefruit blend with wild coriander and intoxicating lavender. Mysterious velvet moss and masculine sweet tobacco captivate with a daring, masculine European charisma.

Sexual Secret

Ultra-flirtatious, Passionate , Luscious michel-germain-sexual-secret-collection

Sexual Secret
This fragrance has a secret ingredient that lingers on the skin, an aphrodisiac so precious it is never to be revealed, but always remembered.

Sexual Secret Man
Passion-inducing and masculine to the core, this enticing scent has a blend of aphrodisiacs so complex that it is never to be revealed, but always effective.

Sexual Fresh

Crisp, Youthful, Irresistible michel-germain-sexual-fresh-collection

Sexual Fresh
The fragrance that envelops you with a gorgeous, youthful beauty. Sexual Fresh opens with iced ruby grapefruit and cooling cardamom. A pure bouquet of pink peony, white magnolia, and crushed white tea leaves deepens to a sensuous dry down of sensual musk with a hint of precious amber.

Sexual Fresh Pour Homme
Séxual Fresh is irresistible. Blended with fresh, juicy mandarin, gentleman’s lavender, and sexual’s signature aphrodisiacs, sexual fresh envelops you in crisp, cool sexiness.

Sexual Sugar

Tempting, Addictive, Delicious michel-germain-sexual-sugar-collection

Sexual Sugar
Sexual Sugar tempts and teases with a burst of mouthwatering, juicy wildberries and crystalized sugar. Sprinkled with the light freshness of orange water flower, sensual passion flower, and aphrodisiacs, it does the flirting for you. This is not your ordinary fragrance.

Sexual Sugar Daddy
A splash of crystalized grapefruit zest mixes with deliciously tempting cinnamon bark to irresistibly charm. Highly addictive caramelized pralines are packaged in a rich, sexy leather note and the bold masculinity of sweet tobacco accord. Infused with ancient aphrodisiacs, it does the flirting for you. This is not your ordinary fragrance.


Sophisticated, Seductive, Classic michel-germain-sexual-collection

Overflowing with aphrodisiacs that produce a euphoric state of mind, sexual classic is for the woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to have it. sexual. Feeling sexy and attractive.

Sexual Pour Homme
Infused with inescapable aphrodisiacs, sexual pour homme is the fragrance that attracts and never lets her go. Perfect for seduction any time, anywhere. Powerfully seductive.

Tattoo Jungle

Bold, Passionate, Indulging michel-germain-tattoo-jungle-collection

Tattoo Jungle For Her
Live your life. Tattoo. The passionate new fragrance that makes a bold statement. Indulge your body with this enveloping scent to attract the attention of every man.

Tattoo Jungle For Him
Live your Life. Tattoo. Mysterious. Passionate. Sexy. The fragrance that makes a statement. Indulge in this masculine fragrance that captivates the attention of every woman’s heart and soul.

Sexual Fleur

Enchanting, Beautiful, Joyful michel-germain-sexual-fleur-collection

Only For Her
Fleur blossoms like a fresh love: Sparking juicy Pink Grapefruit and fresh, pretty Pink Daisy mix with heavenly Purple Plumeria and delectable Plum. Softly sweet Dulce Leche caresses a sexy Wood note to captivate with joyful abandon.

Sexual Steel

Intense, Charismatic, Virile michel-germain-sexual-steel-collection

Only For Him
Turns a man into a masterpiece. Infused with masculine aphrodisiacs, Sexual Steel is an intensely charismatic melding of virility. A cool, sharp opening of fresh ginger and velvety smooth bergamot gives way to magnetic lavender spiked with crushed black pepper. This intensely virile fragrance dries to a seductive mix of metal accord, masculine leather, and musk.

Sexual Femme

Delicious, Feminine, Enchanting michel-germain-sexual-femme-collection

Only For Her
Deliciously feminine, this enchanting fragrance is oh-so-addictive. A delicious chocolate accord flows into a pink blend of luscious redberries, raspberries, and delicate rose. sexual femme. Because you are beautiful.

Sexual Nights

Contemporary, Magnetic, Inescapable michel-germain-sexual-nights-collection

Only For Him
Aphrodisiac infused. Raw magnetism meets inescapable, seductive charm. Contemporary, stimulating notes of bergamot, mandarin, and neroli blend with wild basil and crushed geranium. This intensely magnetic fragrance dries to a primal, sensual heart of cedarwood, orris, and tonka bean.


Confident, Sophisticated, Overflowing michel-germain-deauville-collection

Only For Him
The confidence of fresh, crisp clementine opens to an aromatic mixture of spicy white pepper and French white thyme. The distinct note of French blonde pipe tobacco, blended with soft amber and oak moss, creates a rich accord of aristocratic masculinity. Deauville pour homme is for those who love French sophistication. Deauville. Overflowing with coastal essences.